10 thoughts on “Click The Link”

  1. It reminds me of a few album covers from the psychedelic era, with cheesiness (fishiness?)substituted for artisitic/chemical inspiration.

  2. Crank,
    I didn’t heed your warning, and now I am permanently scarred. I can understand some cheesy artist designing it, but I can’t understand a MLB team actually choosing it for their ballpark. Someone should be fired. Unless the fan base is my 8-month-old daughter, no one is going to find that appealing.
    My first 2 thoughts, apart from the psychedelic era, were:
    (1) a graphic from a Monty Python movie
    (2) the ending picture from Sesame Street’s pinball counting song:
    at 1:03.

  3. Eh. In time, it will be as beloved in Miami as the Mets’ Apple is in NY. Or, would be as beloved, if Miami were a baseball town, which it isn’t.

  4. hey crank, any post coming on the Democrat mayors ordering beatdowns of occupy protestors, the occupy protestors being a mix of good intentions with bad execution, the occupy protestors raping women or shouting anti-semitic chants, or other occupy shenanigans? I like the idea fo breaking up the too big to fail banks and winding down assets/writing down debt, but the messangers are hurting the message.

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