LCS Chaos

Another absolute classic last night; I brought work home but had so much trouble tearing away from the game to get much done, I wound up being up until 3am. . . . I didn’t get to see quite as much of today’s mayhem, unfortunately – I caught chunks of each game – but I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that “Roger Clemens” and “bench-clearing brawl” were yet again to be found in such close proximity . . . they’re reporting that Jeff Nelson and Karim Garcia may face criminal assault charges for kicking a Red Sox grounds crew worker in the bullpen at the end of the game. Ugh.
The odds that we’ll be watching the Yankees mercilessly destroy the Cubs in a week and a half are definitely on the rise.

2 thoughts on “LCS Chaos”

  1. For once, Roger looks blameless…but Pedro Martinez and Manny Ramirez sure don’t. It was so bad I wasn’t even upset the Sox lost, much as the Yankees represent evil to me as much as Bush does to Dean.

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