Anyone But Her?

I got the following email from the Republican National Committee on Thursday:

As we’ve all come to see through this year’s debate, the current Social Security system is financially unsustainable for future generations of Americans. We need to make sure when our children and grandchildren retire, they will receive the benefit that today’s retirees currently enjoy. The problem is, every year we wait will cost $600 billion more to fix the problem.
We need to pass Social Security reform this year and we need your help today.
Will you call Sen. Charles Schumer at 202-224-6542 today and ask them to reform Social Security now?
Since his State of the Union speech in February, President Bush has shown remarkable leadership by traveling the country, talking to Americans about the challenges facing Social Security and the need for personal accounts to be a part of that solution. Simply put, personal accounts will help secure Social Security for future generations and allow younger Americans to grow a nest egg they own and can pass on to whomever they want. Democrats have done nothing but obstruct the President’s plan and offer no solutions of their own. This type of attitude will do nothing to solve a problem Americans realize is getting worse every day.
Soon, Congress will start drafting legislation to make sure Social Security remains solvent for our children and grandchildren in the future. Call Sen. Charles Schumer at 202-224-6542. Tell them now is the time to come to the table with real ideas on how to fix Social Security. Also let Sen. Charles Schumer know that you’re tired of the Democrats’ obstructionism when it comes to Social Security. Our children and grandchildren deserve better and Democrats must stop their partisan obstructionism.
Then sign our petition to show your support for the President and Republican’s efforts to fix Social Security.
Ken Mehlman
Chairman, RNC

(Emphasis added). Now, this is obviously a national form letter in which the RNC inserts the names of your local Senator and/or Congressperson. But I have two Democratic Senators, not one. Did the RNC decide that registered Republicans would be so averse to having the RNC ask them to call Hillary Clinton that they just left her off the list?

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  1. I guess they probably have a form where they choose the ‘more-influenceable’ Senator, although in practice, Hilary is probably more open to suggestion. I guess it is an indicator that Schumer is someone Republicans are resigned to having to live with, though.

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