Show Me

I’ll believe that the Mets are or were close to dealing Mike Cameron and Miguel Cairo for Gary Sheffield when I see such a deal go through. That’s a deal that sounds like something a Mets fan would get laughed at for peddling on WFAN, not something Brian Cashman would agree to, no matter how desperate the Hated Yankees are for a center fielder and how well Cameron has hit this season and how much Joe Torre loved Cairo and even how willing the Mets might be to take on additional salary. Aside from the various quotes from Sheffield about how he won’t go anywhere, Sheffield is the Yankees’ third-best player at the moment, a career .298/.527/.400 hitter who shows no sign of slowing down, and the Mets could get him without parting with a pitcher or anybody under 30? That only makes sense if he’s in more hot water over the steroids issue than we know.
Would I do the deal if it was offered, were I the Mets? Of course. The Mets lose nothing from their ability to win in the future, and greatly help their odds to win now. But it’s not gonna happen. George wouldn’t green-light something that carries such a large risk of looking bad at the expense of the Mets.

2 thoughts on “Show Me”

  1. This was a publicity stunt by the Mets and possibly Joel
    Sherman. If any call was made, it was by the Mets. The
    Post was just trying to sell copies, and never gave the
    name of the person in “management” this supposedly
    came from. Luckily for starving sportswriters and talk-
    radio guys, Sheffield popped his cork and made a lot
    of copy about it. Bill Madden adheres to this.

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