3 thoughts on “Conditioning Matters”

  1. And thus, one of my personal heroes, Ervin Santana, who began the season in Little Rock, Arkansas playing at Ray Winder Field for the Arkansas Travelers (where I had the pleasure of meeting him and scoring an autographed baseball) shines brightly while making playoff history.

  2. In fairness to Wells, he does have an exemplary record of durability, even compared to most of his more conditioning-obsessed colleagues.

  3. Wells wins the “Terry Forster Silver Belt” aka Fat Tub of Goo award, in my opinion. But when Colon went down, and the Yanks jumped on Santana early, I thought it was done…credit to the Ahnhels for putting that aside and getting it done against the Yanks…now Red Sox and Yanks are gone, do you think Fox will still cover the games or is it all ESPN2 bound?

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