The Thrill Is … On Hiatus

I can’t say the postseason was lacking in thrills for Mets fans, but David Pinto does make a good and admirably concise point about this being a lackluster postseason from the perspective of the fan with no special rooting interest:

Only one series was truly competitive. Only the Mets and Padres won a game facing elimination. Of a possible 41 games, 30 were played. There was a distinct lack of drama.

One thought on “The Thrill Is … On Hiatus”

  1. Crank, when you get back interested or able to post on baseball again I’d be interested in your take on the new collective bargaining agreement. Here’s an article from my paper that talks about the impact llocally.
    They’ve added a year to Rule 5 and eliminated the bar against negotiating with a player not offered arbitration (call it the Clemens clause).
    On its face it appears to me the Rule 5 change shifts the balance a bit more towards good farm systems and should make the game more competitive between haves and have nots.
    Don’t mean to thread-jack you, sorry.

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