Sandy Berger Won’t Say

Allahpundit notes that Sandy Berger has surrendered his law license rather than face cross-examination about his destruction of original classified documents to obstruct the investigation of the 9/11 Commission. Allahpundit thinks that Berger would have been able to assert the Fifth Amendment to avoid answering those questions, but I’m not so sure; after all, he has already been sentenced for the conduct in question, and in light of the Double Jeopardy Clause the right against self-incrimination no longer attaches after sentencing.
Unless, of course, there are other crimes he could still be charged with besides the ones he was convicted and sentenced for.

3 thoughts on “Sandy Berger Won’t Say”

  1. Yeah, it was the last part I was thinking of. Although if the DOJ’s gone to such lengths not to investigate him, what are the odds they’d investigate him for any new stuff that came to light?

  2. The ones he was caught and prosecuted for were copies. But he had earlier handled others they hadn’t copied and were not able to recreate.

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