Last night’s Sox-Indians game was at least interesting for the one inning in which all the scoring took place. The people who wanted Beckett over Wakefield were pretty much vindicated when Wakefield, having started the game like a house afire, abruptly ran out of gas in the fifth, and Manny Delcarmen let the game get away. Now it’s down to Beckett to beat Sabathia Friday night at the Jake to save the season.
Random thought: am I the only one who thinks Travis Hafner looks like a burlier version of John Krasinski from “The Office”?

2 thoughts on “Scalped”

  1. I was OK with the Wakefield choice and to some extent he was the victim of a bit of bad luck (if that liner in the 5th he either lets go or catches it is a double play in either case and the inning is over with the score 1-0 Indians). Beckett does have an unusual record with 3 days rest but we are talking about a body of work that stretches to only 16 innings. In general 3 days rest=bad result. What we have here is vaguely similar to 2004. Down 3-1 with Game 5 pitched by the Ace, Game 6 by a struggling war horse with less than his A-game and Game 7 by a guy we absolutely do not trust. Come on lightning, hit us again.

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