Hole Plugged

The abortive Yorvit Torrealba experiment at least made me a lot happier to see the Mets deal Guillermo Mota for Johnny Estrada. Mota, of course, had to go, and I was surprised they didn’t have to pay someone to take him – but then, he has a good arm and OK control, so there’s always someone who thinks they can get a good year out of him.
As for Estrada, who’s 32 and in the last year of his contract, the danger sign is his declining plate patience – 25 walks in two years, a .296 OBP last season – but he batted .278 and slugged .403 last year, and did better than that (albeit in Arizona) in 2006; if that’s your #8 hitter, you could do worse. (As a switch hitter he might be available to platoon with Castro, but Estrada hits lefties just fine).

One thought on “Hole Plugged”

  1. Crank, the fact that this is his third organization in three years might make some pause. Respectable catchers are hard to find and he fits that bill. I wonder if there is some extra baggege there.

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