5 thoughts on “Hollywood’s “Social Conscience” In A Nutshell”

  1. So tell me Crank, when Charlton Heston espoused his ideas of “social conscience” otherwise known as give me my !#$%^& guns at Columbine, is that OK? And yes, I am terribly sorry what has befallen him.

  2. Crank,
    I’m not sure I see the connection between your alleged “conservative” values, this blog, and yet another example of some Hollywood person doing something sanctimonious.
    I’m Left-leaning, and I could give a hoot about what the Hollywood elite do with their time, especially when they jump on cause bandwagons. I’m more worried about why I have to go into debt even WITH medical insurance for my job.
    I think what Darryl is intimating is that it seems disingenuous for you to pick on “Liberal Hollywood” when there seem to be just as many ludicrous examples of this emanating from Conservative actors and/or musicians…

  3. I don’t really see how Julia Roberts loaning her name, and perhaps a bit of her time, to something that will raise money to fight AIDS is a bad thing. Certainly, there are other things she could be doing that would be more admirable, but it’s still, all things considered, a net positive.

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