Doomed in Seattle

Pinto links to a Seattle report suggesting that John McLaren is probably toast. I’d add that in the worlds of politics and law you see the same dynamic noted by the Seattle writer:

Now, I have a firm belief about managers and coaches who go bonkers. I call it the Cuckoo Principle. When they go cuckoo, that’s it. They’re done. It works in almost every case, except for Guillen. The White Sox manager is incessantly cuckoo and blessed with the cushion of a World Series. But even his time will arrive soon.
An explosion is always proof that either you’ve lost the grip on your team, or you’re struggling with the pressures of the job. McLaren had to be provoked to act out of character.

PS – McLaren is a good data point for not sacking the manager in mid-season without a ready replacement. Yes, Hargrove quit, but the point is that McLaren was not the long-term answer for Seattle.

3 thoughts on “Doomed in Seattle”

  1. Guillen has the advantage of being signed through 2012. That is a lot of contract to eat. Pinto is right McLaren is gone, but the GM should follow him out the door. That team is underachieving in a big way and the sooner they start over the better for the franchise.

  2. Strange assertion, the ‘cuckoo’ thing, as it apparently only applies to post-game press conferences. I guess you can go bonkers on the field & curse to your heart’s content to the tune of more ejections than anyone in baseball history (Bobby Cox), as long as you’re polite to the press your antics aren’t under scrutiny. [yeah, I know Cox has a lifetime ‘job security’ card]

  3. This may be the most poorly constructed team in MLB in relation to their ballpark and their alleged strengths (pitching). They have no speed other than Ichiro (and I mean NO speed), their corner outfielders are average at best defensively and they have no one that hits for average (again, other than Ichiro who is only hitting .287 or so this year). McLaren is not great but it is not like he is going to make Richie Sexson hit above the Mendoza line just by being there.

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