6 thoughts on “Bury The Tigers”

  1. Bet they wish they hadn’t traded all those pitchers in the off-season. Miller and Jarrigans would come in handy about now.

  2. Yeah, but the offense would be even worse with Brandon Inge at 3rd and Sean Casey at 1st. I wish the Tigs still had Jurrjens, but the Miller/Cabrera trade, I think, will turn out to be a good one.

  3. Crank,
    The Tiger’s record may be unexpected, but their starting pitching being a disappointment is not. Rogers has started to show his years the last couple seasons. Willis had a high ERA in the NL without facing DH’s. Robertson is what he is. Bonderman was unpredictable. So the only pitcher I thought could be relied on was Verlander and he tripped coming out of the gate.

  4. I would argue that it isn’t the pitching that is their greatest disappointment (it had quite a few question marks to start with) but their hitting. They were supposed to have a modern day Murderers Row and set the AL record for runs scored. The Tigers were shutout only three times last year, and with the addition of Cabrera and the newly cut Jacque Jones they have already been shut out nine times so far.

  5. I’ll jump on board with the group saying the Tigers pitching is not a disapointment – it was fairly predictable. Verlander is great. Beyond that, they had a group of very mediocre pitching – if you could even call Willis mediocre after his awful season last year. He looked lost, and I didn’t predict he’d get better in the AL. Bonderman never had a full season of success, Rogers is well over the hill, and they traded away their depth. Without scoring 8 runs every night, they were in trouble. And NO LINEUP, not even an all star lineup, will consistently score like that – offense tends to come in bunches, not in a steady flow for six months.

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