End of His Rope

You know, Pedro Martinez may well not be done as a quality pitcher; I would not bet against him returning to a second act as a winner. But he has basically all but run out of things he can do to signal that he is done.

One thought on “End of His Rope”

  1. I think he’s sent very clear signals that he cannot be successful pitching the way he used to pitch. Pedro still throws (at least after he’s thrown 20 pitches and given up two runs) harder than the Tom Glavine’s of the world did when they were 25, so he still has the tools to be successful. But rearranging his game in a way to be successful with what he’s still got is a process I’m not sure he’s willing to go through. And if I’m the Mets, I’d certainly feel that his upside no longer justifies how ridiculously high maintainance he is.

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