3 thoughts on “Hey, Why Not?”

  1. The problem is that they need to find a spot for him. With regular play he can be an asset. The issue is that everywhere he has played the Royals have someone else that they need to put in that position. He is a better third baseman than Alex Gordon, a better right fielder than Jose Guillan and probably a better first baseman than all of the Royals candidates except Ross Gload. Gordon is the “face” of the franchise, Guillan gets extra moody if you try to play him anywhere other than right and Jacobs/Butler need to split DH/1B. I think Teahan is athletic enough to play second base and I hope he gets the chance.

  2. I think Teahen is marginal at best, though he is willing. What happened to his power?
    I would love to see it work out for the Royals, who need a few such moves to succeed. And I applaude their willingness to try something that could expose them to ridicule. The fact is if the Teahen experiment fails, the Royals will STILL have better options for second base than will the Mets.

  3. I think the issue with Teahen has been that instead on just telling him to hit, the Royals have told him he needs to hit for power. In trying to do so his K’s have soared. If he gets back to just hitting the ball I think he will again start to drive the ball. He and Grienke may be the best athletes on the team.

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