Same Old Shell Games

Jeff Emanuel looks at Obama’s deficit two-step on health care. I can’t pretend to be at all surprised at this, and realistically it’s hard to imagine anyone willfully naive enough to believe that the health care plan, if passed, won’t massively increase government spending, resulting in (1) large tax hikes, (2) large increases in the deficit and national debt, or most likely (3) both. It’s wasted energy on all sides to conduct the debate without frankly acknowledging this.

3 thoughts on “Same Old Shell Games”

  1. You mean to tell me Ronald Reagan was just bullshitting us when he said “deficits don’t matter”?
    Who knew? Okay, all you with an IQ over 47 can put your hands down now.

  2. I thought that was Dick Cheney who said that. Certainly, from experience, I know not to trust Berto’s “quotes”.
    Deficits matter, but not nearly as much as (1) govt spending as a % of GDP and (2) national debt as a % of GDP.
    Every dollar of spending must be paid for. Taxes and deficits are just about the when. It’s the spending that’s important.

  3. We’re spending nearly twice as much GNP as our peer nations and still don’t cover a sixth of the citizens. Certainly there are savings that can be had.
    Savings can be found by cutting out the insurance companies and going with a single-payer system. Insurance companies offer NOTHING for healthcare. It’s doctors, hospitals, etc that do.

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