6 thoughts on “Department of Bad Photo Ops, Obama Edition”

  1. Wow is there alot of ham in the picture with Obama. Sorry, ham and Obama are redundant!

  2. These are both pretty bad, but neither is up there with Dukakis in the tank, or my alltime favorite, Mitt Romney in the fudge factory.

  3. Sheesh, do you ever shop? That isn’t the meat aisle. It’s fruit. The stuff in the foreground on the right is bags of grapes. The packages are strawberries. Yes, there’s a sliced ham pic in the background, but it’s the deli, not the meat aisle. You can see the cheese.
    Not that any of that makes it a better photo op.

  4. Is this obama pic a photoshop? Don’t tell me this asshole has sunk so low he’s pitching his bullshit in supermarket aisles. I know his primetime press conferences shit the bed, but geez Mr. President, have you no respect for the office? What next, standing on street corners and grabbing pedestrians by the sleeve? As much as I hate the fool, I can’t believe this picture is real; for one thing, there’s no teleprompters.

  5. If it’s meat he’s trying to get the regular guy vote and put a finger in PETA’s eye.
    If it’s fruit, he’s just appealing to his natural constituency.

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