A Man of Indeterminate Religion

I’ll hopefully have more at another juncture on the Fort Hood shootings and what they do and don’t mean. But for now, it’s enough to observe some of the more absurd examples of media efforts to avoid discussing not only the shooter’s Muslim religion but – of greater significance when the two are taken together – the extensive record of red flags regarding his jihadist and anti-American, anti-US military sympathies. David Forsmark looks at the typically ludicrous coverage ladled out by Keith Olbermann and others at MSNBC, while Patterico catches the LA Times trying to conceal its initial effort at hiding the facts from its readers.
Meanwhile, via Allahpundit, note efforts like this one from BradBlog, and this segment on the Rachel Maddow show, to blame conservatives for a death of a federal worker in Kentucky that authorities now believe was a suicide. Note how Maddow, despite obviously not having all the facts, immediately speculated that this was “a crime related to anti-government sentiment” and trying to draw inferences from the federal government’s behavior to support that argument.

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  1. And now, shrinks have invented a proxy disease. Or something. Secondary PTSD – Post-Traumatic Stress Among Caregivers Of Sufferers Of PTSD.
    H/T Althouse
    In my corporate legal practice, some clients who’d screwed up royally were stressed royally & if they were important enough clients it was stressful to deal with them. Didn’t know that I, moi, needed psychiatric help!
    But if these clients had gone to a civilian shrink should I have been afraid that this shrink would go postal against the corporation’s employees?
    Mark Steyn, on Rush Limbaugh, called it “PPTSD” or “Pre-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”.
    Hell, I have PTNYTD & I don’t even read the NYT unless I see one of its Loony Liberal Syndrome stories being debunked on a blog.
    And I had Pre-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder when the NYYankees lost game six of the World Series & all for naught since they eventually won handily.
    I don’t know that we should even be discussing this. One of us might go postal!
    BTW, if a tea party person goes postal after being called all the things Liberals use to “taunt” them once to often, will the MSM defend his stressed reaction?
    As someone noted: It’s always the same crap inane headlines after these attacks:
    “Muslims fear backlash”
    “Islam not the problem, says Imam X …”
    “Muslims experience bigotry & hate”
    I want the following headline after these attacks:
    “Americans fear this was Muslim terrorist attack”

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