7 thoughts on “Spring Training Open Thread”

  1. Out on a limb with these picks:
    Red Sox, Twins, Rangers; Devil Rays wild card
    Phillies, Reds, Rockies; Cardinals wild card
    Of course, there will be at least one surprise team in the playoffs. So who will that be? Perhaps Blue Jays. Perhaps Brewers.

  2. The D-Rays? They might be the worst team in the AL East this year. They lost their entire bullpen and a proven 200+ inning/year very capable guy in Garza and an All-Star left-fielder. That leaves them with a talented but mostly wickedly young starting 5, a completely re-built pen, Evan Longoria and a bunch of pieces.

  3. Pelfrey will win 24; Niece 22, Wright will hit 55 homers, and Beltran will bat .400.
    Hey, give me a break. Spring training just started. Allow me ONE day of fantasy before reality hits!!!

  4. What will Yankees buy with all the insurance on Steinbenner that they did not need to pay death tax?

  5. So, now that the Pujols deadline has passed for the Cardinals and he may experience free agency after this year what do y’all see? Clearly the Cardinals seem to have the best shot but it would seem that any sort of “hometown discount” on Pujols’ part would be out the window at this juncture. That makes him super-expensive for a team that would have a hard time increasing revenue proportionally to his salary increase. The Orioles offered Teixiera a ton of money before he went to the Yankees. Since the Big 3 (Yanks, Sox and Phillies) would presumably be on the sidelines here do teams like the Orioles, Angels, Tigers, Mets (they have the need but do they have the $) and Giants have a shot? I would super-prefer that he stays with the Cardinals just because the known is better than the unknown. I would hate to see him come to the AL and even more so to the Orioles who have a pretty good team right now.

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