Doubling Down With Rick Perry

A bunch of us at RedState have a post up endorsing Perry.
The faster this race gets down to three candidates (or three plus Paul and Huntsman), the better for Perry, who can lie in wait to consolidate the conservative wing of the party when and if Newt collapses. I continue to believe Romney cannot win a long two-man race against a more conservative opponent who has the money to go the distance.

11 thoughts on “Doubling Down With Rick Perry”

  1. The last part of your essay is the most important – jobs. When he jumped into the race – even before – I was all set to support Perry based solely on the jobs record. But I really have a hard time supporting another tongue-tied, gaffe-ridden candidate.
    Like some, I was taking a second look at Huntsman. And I was really hoping that RedState’s interview with him would be helpful, but in truth, it was useless. What a pathetic interview (by RedState, not Huntsman). 2 questions on tax policy, 68,000 questions on social issues, ZERO questions on jobs. RedState is as bad as any of the debates – just awful. In any event, for me, Huntsman is the only possible alternative to Romney at this point.

  2. In fairness, Leon’s goal in conducting that interview was to help serious social conservatives who like Huntsman’s economic platform decide whether he’s acceptable.

  3. After all that we now know, who would vote for a conservative?
    Exactly how much can someone hate his fellow countrymen?

  4. Looting and pillaging the country is fine as long as the gays can’t marry and no fetuses are aborted.

  5. Berto, I don’t hate my countrymen enough to vote for Obama, but I agree it is a tough sell for the current batch of Republicans. I’m still looking for a Conservative.

  6. Crank: I didn’t see anything in the article to indicate that was the goal. Seemed like a straightforward, all purpose interview. In any event, I kind of like Huntsman. I don’t really see the point of supporting him – obviously he is going nowhere – but he seems like a good candidate. This experience may serve him well for his run in 2016, after Newt or Romney loses in 2012.

  7. In the end I do think Romney is more electable than Newt, but I’m not really sure how he will play. I don’t think any of the current crop of characters will run in 2016. OK maybe Huntsman, and possibly Perry, but I think the days of extreme candidates as viable winners is probably over. What I am wondering if it winds up becoming a Cuomo/Christie race.
    I think Cuomo is at present a very good bet (living in NY I can tell you that fortunately the only thing he shares with his father is his name. Mario was a wonderful speaker and awful governor. Andrew is a tolerable speaker but really good at his job. And I might not agree with Christie, but I won’t knock his intelligence or ability to speak plainly and well.

  8. If Obama wins, Huntsman’s the only one of the bunch I could see trying again seriously. Perry only jumped in because the field had a demand for him, if he doesn’t win I don’t see him wanting to run again.
    Besides, the GOP has a ton of good candidates ready to go by the next election, the problem is now. Democrats are the ones with a very weak bench, if they lose here it’s probably too late to run Hillary again in 2016, and that leaves Cuomo with minimal competition. But Cuomo may not play that well nationally.

  9. maddirishman,
    Why? By now we all know that conservative ideology is a loser. It’s been an abject failure every time it’s been tried. Maybe you can’t remember the 1890s or 1930s, or even the 1980s, but really, are the 2000s too long ago for you to remember too?
    BTW, I won’t be voting for Obama either, but I’m not suicidal enough to vote for a conservative.

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